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  • Finally, it also influences how popular the hashtag you use is. Some general hashtags are used for a lot of content and the chance that your video will float to the top is small. It is therefore smarter to use tags and hashtags that are more specific to your video and target audience. video social media Content counts Finally, the content and emotional charge of your video are still important. Even if you ignore all the above tips and place your video at a 'wrong' time, with an ugly thumbnail and without hashtags, a good video will still hold its own. So provide valuable and if possible up-to-date content that fascinates or touches the viewer. You want to release emotions.

    Then the video elicits a reaction from the viewer faster and that is the best thing for the Thailand Phone Number List algorithm. People like the video, comment, share the video or make their own video in response. Stay focused for now, because it's your job to respond to the comments below your video. Comments on comments also positively influence the algorithm. Keep these tips in mind when creating your next video. I'm curious if you notice a difference in the results. Will you let us know in the comments? Then a little about the book Book cover Professional videos with your smartphoneMaking professional videos with your smartphone (affiliate) from Geertje Algera gives you all the tools you need to take your smartphone videos to the next level. It is one of the most complete books on this subject and is full of surprising tips that really help you. You can taste her enthusiasm for her profession throughout the book and that is contagious. Highly recommended for anyone who does or wants to do something with video!

    Video is booming Do you want to learn more about creating and distributing effective videos? Then the training Video content marketing on June 28, 2022 might be something for you! In 1 day you will learn all about the basic principles of a good video and how to get as many views, shares & interaction as possible. This training can be followed completely free of charge with the STAP budget! So sign up and request the STAP budget on 2 May. As soon as your subsidy has been approved, you are officially registered.

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