The NFC coaches get their turn every Wednesday

  • Every Tuesday morning, the AFC coaches are frog-marched into a breakfast buffet and they are required to speak to the media for an hour. Cameras and lights around Bill Belichick's table can crowd out any slob sitting close to him. Bill Belichick still draws attention even though he doesn't speak up. There should be plenty of chairs at the table of Ken Whisenhunt, though, and He'd probably enjoy his company. So, bring your oatmeal over to the table!

    The NFC coaches get their turn every Wednesday. I hope Chip Kelly eats beforehand, because his table will surely be extremely popular. I'm heading to Jim Tomsula's table, as it's going to be a lot of fun (nobody will ever talk about the eggs in his mustache).

    The A Nicer Football League

    At the last meeting, the Madden NFL 23 were intent on making the field a more pleasant place to work and play (before all those other issues with public relations hit). The competition committee took away goalspot celebrations and pledged to put a stop to bullying and unsportsmanlike behavior. I'm interested to know how it went for the players.

    Personal offenses are on the menu for this year too. Tennessee and Washington are seeking to make them an option for review.


    Madden NFL 23 Madden NFL 23 has more open investigations that Magnum P.I. ; DeflateGate, Falcons artificial crowd noiseGate, Jets-Revis tamperingGate, as well as Cleveland Browns textGate. None of these gates is scheduled to close this week during the meetings. (It takes time, and T.C. does not have a helicopter that can transfer league officials between different islands, and Magnum hasn't yet helped coach his baseball team for youth like he promised to).
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