This is the same for Diablo Immortal

  • After the auction house, which was not well-liked, was taken down and drop rates were raised in 2014, Diablo 3 instantly became more entertaining, even before advancements of the Reaper of Souls expansion lifted the game to a classic level.

    Lesson: It may make sense on paper for you to think about monetizing Diablo's loot. But when you start doing it, you drain all the fun out of the game. This is the same for Diablo Immortal and it's evident before you get to the endgame since it's a part of the game's gameplay. Loot drops are less impactful and character progression is artificially controlled and spread over too many systemsthat are gritty and granular. It's been more cleverly concealed than it was during the start of Diablo 3, but it's similar to a boring and boring game. A battle pass purchase or investing big bucks in legendary crests doesn't help much as paying for an awesome item drop will never be as thrilling as simply getting one.

    I'm not sure if it is a way to isolate the core of what makes Diablo enjoyable from the mechanics behind free-to-play revenue. If it could be, Blizzard and NetEase have not yet found the answer. They've come up with a mobile Diablo that's sleek and enjoyable. It's even very generous initially. If you're able to spend enough time with it, you'll realize that the heart of the game has been taken out, chopped , and then sold back to you piecemeal.

    Diablo Immortal is not nearly as bad as a free-to-play Diablo could be. It's true that the game is constantly slamming you in the turn , with a variety of microtransactions, but they are all in unfathomable currencies. You will have to grind your way to victory especially if you decide not to make a purchase in the game. And your reward for all this is a less than perfect replicating Diablo II's narrative.

    And yet, for all its faults, I ultimately enjoyed Diablo Immortal more than I hated it. It has all the aspects that make the series successful in a way, from its exciting gameplay, its wide-ranging character customization and its strong sense of place, to its endless supply of fascinating loot. It's true that Diablo Immortal even has a few clever gameplay twists which I hope Blizzard will keep in place as they work on Diablo IV.
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