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  • And I'm also thinking that in specific, he was quite upset over the 88-point mark. But do you know the funny thing is? That was still tied for the second highest score. I believe that's a part of the issue of having a teammate who's way ahead of everyone else How do you handle this? Steph from 2015 has scored way more than 10% more three-pointers than any other player within the NBA. So at some point should the score not be at least 10% better than everyone else in the league? How can we handle that? I'm guessing he's broke that scale."

    Singh added that these ratings are something players truly have an interest in, and this creates an atmosphere of excitement between players and fans. This is what led to Kevin Durant's recent gripe with his overall rating, and how it was somehow less than 99. "I'm sure you saw KD's tweet too," Singh said. "You know what's hilarious I and Kevin are actually close friends. He's one of the four NBA players that were asked to attend my wedding. We were messaging literally the night before. Then that rating was hit, at the same time that the player was angry."

    "Look, KD has been in the league 14 years and is now a part of the game. This isn't like KD is terribly upset about the fact that KD is just trying to make conversation. But he doesn't need to, he's one of the most talked about sportsmen in the world, however I think that his participation in that fray is a nod to how much he loves our game, and loves the bond we share.

    It's easy to get involved in something that isn't something he really cares about But he's aware that the people who follow him care, which is super cool of him. I have more respect for this guy than almost any person I know. ""I think that the NBA gives us a lot of chance to just scratch the surface. There are endless stories. If you consider the causes of social injustice and what we did to tackle that question, we have a real-world perspective that is incorporated into our games about that," Singh said.

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