EA Sports has opened the curtain

  • Five defenders could be a boring defensive overkill . But the 5-2-2-1 formation offers interesting possibilities for you. Due to the introduction lengthy players as part the AcceleRATE system that comes with HyperMotion2, some side defenders are real rockets with plenty of stamina and speed that can help your offensive goals while not compromising defense.

    Because it's the defensive aspect in FUT that's a challenge for many players to comprehend on, this massive defensive chain can be a viable solution to this problem. Thanks to the new acceleration systems, you don't hinder your offensive capabilities to much by placing too much weight on your opponents.

    FIFA 23's initial update is out and will affect the types of fouls the referees are able to call it increases the speed of dribbling and makes penalties more difficult.

    EA Sports has opened the curtain. Since for fans of soccer, there is nothing better than the rules changes that occur from one season to the next: the changes to FIFA every month. The company has released the first update for FIFA 23 that includes important new features for referees, penalties and dribbling. The game's first patch is now available and includes the following changes:For a high-quality, comprehensive, online 24/7, fast delivery FIFA 23 Coins platform, please visit https://www.mmoexp.com/Fut-23/Coins.html

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