Coins are the main currency of Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team

  • Sanchez was dismissed this year in favor the third stringer Greg McElroy, but ultimately returned to his position after his replacement suffered a head injury.

    Sanchez has led The Jets in victory in the AFC Championship game in each of his first two seasons. Unfortunately the team was Gang Green, the Jets lost to the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers in each of those games, and haven't been back to the playoffs since.

    In 2011. Sanchez was a career-best thrower, completing 3.474 yards and 26 touchdowns. Sanchez also threw 18 interceptions and fumbled four times.

    New York brought in Tim Tebow to serve as an all-purpose player as well as Sanchez his backup in 2012 which neither Sanchez nor Tebow did well. Sanchez threw just 13 touchdowns in 15 games, while throwing 18 interceptions and fumbling nine times, which included the infamous "butt fumble" on Thanksgiving night , against the Patriots.

    As one of the top pass rushers available this offseason, Paul Kruger will be expected to command a fairly lucrative contract. It's enough to ensure he won't be to return to the Baltimore Ravens in 2013. Instead, it looks like Kruger will be at the heart of a bidding battle between Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts according to reports in the Baltimore Sun.

    Cleveland's desire to sign him is not surprising because the Browns have close to $50 million in surplus cap space for 2013they need to upgrade their entire team. By signing Kruger, the Browns a dynamite offensive lineman, at the same time, taking the player away from a divisional rival -- the same one that stole the original Browns franchise.

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