Before you take to the court to practice jumping shots for NBA 2K23

  • Before you take to the court to practice jumping shots for NBA 2K23. there is an additional thing you have to keep in mind. The Jump shots in the game could be strongly influenced by the settings for your controller. There are a few settings you must tweak before handing out those 3-pointers from NBA 2K23.

    To accomplish this first, open your game on your console. After that, go to the 'Features' tab . Then choose the option called 'Controller Settings'. Then, scroll down and you'll notice a feature called 'Shot Timing Release Time'.This particular feature could make or break your basketball jumps in NBA 2K23. There are many who don't make it to the top of the line because of poor timing. With small changes to your settings along with your Best Jumpshots, you will experience a dramatic improvement in your movements.

    Shot Timing Release Time is the time you prefer to press the shot button during that jump shot. The best way to go about it here is set this option to "Early," which is the most utilized option. Most of the top NBA players keep their shot timing release time set to 'Early'. This gives them an extra edge when it comes to making the perfect green shot in the game.
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