Jets Gregg Williams says he has Jamal Ad

  • The aren't in a hurry to give a long-term contract, so the All-Pro safety . At least one prominent person inside the organization, however, would rather the Jets just give the young Pro Bowler what he wants. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams told reporters Thursday that he wants Adams to "feel good" in New York and stick around for the long haul, making it clear that he has Adams' back in the safety's fight for a new deal."You never me s with a guy's contract," Williams said, . "I have his back on that."It's no surprise Williams thinks the "world" of Adams, as he said Thursday, and desires the former first-round pick to "feel good about being here." Adams, after all, is one of (if not) the centerpiece of Williams' defense, having earned two All-Pro honors in his first three seasons roaming the secondary. But his explicit defense of Adams' very public demands for a new deal is a stark contrast to me saging from the rest of the organization, which has repeatedly indicated it wants Adams around for the long term but has been mum about accommodating Adams' wishes prior to the 2020 season.For Adams, remember, his recent reported trade request doesn't only stem from the Jets' apparent unwillingne s to negotiate while the team still has the safety under control through at least 2022. The Pro Bowler has since learning at the 2019 trade deadline Douglas fielded calls about his availability. Adams has also been publicly talking about a football future beyond New York for years. Even if Jets bra s were on the same page as Williams and wanted to lock up Adams this offseason, it's unclear whether Douglas would be willing to meet the safety's . That type of salary would make Adams one of the highest-paid defensive players in the .

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