In the most recent installment of Inside

  • However, this isn't all negative. Kulusevski is a balanced card and has good 80+ stats in virtually every area that is important (including the impressive 87-long shots in those cut-in shots), and plenty of speed and agility. With the addition of upgrades and the full length stat from Architect and Architect, you'll have quite a beast of a player in your hands. It's a matter of whether that it's worth more than 200k very early.

    Kulusevski's card as a base (it began with our first Premier League team), but not the SBC version. The card is able to be Lengthy which makes it more usable than similar cards of the past. We've also found that speedy burst for wingers is still more valuable. Lengthy is better for fullbacks as well as wingbacks.

    Fortunately, the number nine spot is quite simple and Vlahovi? as the most obvious option. In the same way, Di Maria is the best right-winger in the club, however things get more complicated on the other flank. Although Kosti? is rated slightly higher, it should not start Federico Chiesa in the left flank, which will force players to move Kosti? to the left of midfield three alongside Paul Pogba and just ahead of Locatelli.

    In the most recent installment of Inside City the cameras will give you the rundown on an action-packed and memorable few days at the club.

    We see the squad back at the CFA following the September international break, aswell being informed on the latest player appearance day , which saw Kyle Walker engrossed in a fun FIFA 23 rankings debate. If you want to enjoy cheaper and more comprehensive FIFA 23 Coins purchase service, please visit

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