Cut n Run Belichick Reveals Strategy For

  • FOXBORO As the sun continues to set on the 2022 preseason, the New England Patriots are already hard at work making preparations for their regular season-opener on Sept. 11 against the Miami Dolphins. With the at 4:00pm ET, the Pats returned to the practice fields on Monday for the first time since the preseason finale in Las Vegas.While most would agree that training camp has come to a close, coach Bill Belichick believes that there are still le sons to be learned throughout the next two weeks. Another week of camp here, Belichick told reporters on Monday. Good opportunity for us to continue to get better. Obviously, no game this week but a lot of things for us to work on. Then we'll start our preparations for Miami next week. We can get a head start on a few things there but there's just some things that we need to cover this week, situationally, and clean up some things that through the course of the preseason we haven't got to yet. But, were looking forward to it.In addition to experiencing significant changes within their coaching staff and personnel, the Patriots are also implementing new elements into their offense. Thus far, the transition has been met with mixed results. New England finished the preseason 1-2, with their sole in exhibition game 2. New England dropped its preseason opener against the New York Giants on a last-minute field goal, while falling to the Las Vegas Raiders in a subpar performance in the finale. In their three preseason games, New England was out scored by its opponents 56 to 47. Though their preseason performance failed to instill a great deal of confidence among the fanbase, Belichick is cognizant that the time remaining until the start of the regular season is sufficient to set his team on the right course for a promising year ahead.In fact, his teaching opportunities may even extend beyond week 1 of the 2022 regular season. Septembers an extension of the preseason, Belichick told WEEIs The Greg Hill Show on Monday morning. Building your team, developing your team - I think theres some truth to that.Scroll to ContinueStill, Belichick is well aware that unlike preseason tilts, regular season games count in the standings, and wins are at a premium. Therefore, it is imperative that New England performs at the highest level po sible. Fortunately, the Pats head coach does not take much stock into preseason performance when estimating his teams potential. I dont think preseason games are a real big indicator of what the team is or isnt, one way or the other. Thats not about us, its about the NFL. But you get a great chance to evaluate players and I think that will be the focus this week. Despite failing to acknowledge the preseason as the main factor in determining team aptitude, Belichick realizes the importance the time plays in team development. Whether it be infusing speed into the Pats corps of linebackers, or , Belichick is grateful for the preparation time he has at his disposal.Preseason is preseason, Belichick said. Its about developing your team for the season and evaluating the players evaluating the players that you do play, and taking the practice time in joint practices or whatever time you have to prepare your team for the regular season.As for when he expects to have a true read on his teams capabilities, Belichick reiterated the long-term nature of completely evaluating the teams ability. Well see after five-to-six weeks of the regular season, Belichick said. Thats when well know. Until then, what is past is prologue.

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