Washington Trade Calling Texans on QB De

  • From Seattle to Washington <a href="https://www.torontobluejaysshop.com/toronto-blue-jays/brett-anderson-jersey">Brett Anderson Jersey</a> to Houston, let the bidding - and the game of "Chicken'' - begin.Ru sell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks' maybe-available quarterback, is at present the apple of the Washington Commanders eye. They have made a "strong offer'' to Seattle in an attempt to trade for Wilson.Is the "strong offer'' equate to "multiple first-round picks''? We believe so. "Two''? Probably. And why do we think that? Because it is already known that Seattle's asking price is "three first-round picks.''Wilson, WatsonWatsonCaserio, WatsonAnd thus ignites the game of "Chicken.'' ... Which is <a href="https://www.torontobluejaysshop.com/toronto-blue-jays/jose-bautista-jersey">Jose Bautista Jersey</a> where the Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson come in.If Washington - so needy for a difference-making bump of an otherwise good roster - will offer two for the 33-year-old Wilson, why not offer three for the 26-year-old Watson?We already know that Washington is "canva sing'' the <a href="https://www.torontobluejaysshop.com/toronto-blue-jays/randal-grichuk-jersey">Randal Grichuk Jersey</a> NFL in search of a star QB. We know "he Commanders ... made a strong offer to the Seahawks on Ru sell Wilson.''It stands to reason that Washington would do at least the same with Houston.Scroll to ContinueIt also stands to reason that Washington, in its "canva sing'' and calling, has contacted Houston.Washington offered multiple first-round picks for Wilson, but the proposition didn't go anywhere. We know Washington is expected to go "all in" on adding a quarterback similar to what the Los Angeles Rams did last offseason when acquiring Matthew Stafford."This year we are being very proactive, looking, searching," Washington coach Ron Rivera said in Indianapolis. "We are trying to truly cover every base. <a href="https://www.torontobluejaysshop.com/toronto-blue-jays/devon-travis-jersey">Devon Travis Jersey</a> Every time you hear something, you're checking into it. And so we've got to do our work. We've got to do our due diligence."There is a "base to cover'' in Seattle.There is a "base to cover'' in Houston.WatsonWatsonWatsonRivera has repeatedly and openly stated Washington's desire for a major upgrade at QB. Names like Deshaun Watson have a place in this conversation. And Rivera hasn't shied away from the specific idea of Watson, even with the QB's legal entanglements.The math adds up. Houston wants three 1's. Washington's already dangled two <a href="https://www.torontobluejaysshop.com/toronto-blue-jays/roger-clemens-jersey">Roger Clemens Jersey</a> 1's. Some real movement can be a phone call away.

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