Should Dolphins Make a Play for Jenkins

  • Despite offseason upgrades to the offensive line, the Miami Dolphins' group of protectors still could use improvements, and theres reportedly a young prospect on the market. The Chicago Bears have received calls about Teven Jenkins, a 2021 <a href="">Jrue Holiday Jersey</a> second-round pick at offensive tackle, according to NFL Networks Ian Rapoport. Jenkins hasnt participated in Bears camp yet this year and has a history of injuries. He mi sed 12 games last season due to a back injury that required surgery. First-year Bears head coach Matt Eberflus has maintained Jenkins is day-to-day. A suming Jenkins health is not problematic long term, the Dolphins should absolutely pick up the phone and see how much it would cost to acquire Jenkins. Jenkins played all five of his games last season at left tackle, but while playing with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Jenkins was primarily a right tackle a position where Miami has some uncertainty.Austin Jackson has been getting work at right tackle for the Dolphins, but he has <a href="">E'Twaun Moore Jersey</a> never played on the right side in the NFL or in college at USC, so Jenkins has a leg up there. Additionally, although Jenkins played in only five games last season, he allowed 11 only total pre sures, according to PFF. If you remove his first career start against the Packers, Jenkins only allowed four pre sures in his final four games. In three games at tackle, Jackson allowed 20 total pre sures last season. However, in his final five games at guard (the same stretch when Jenkins played) Jackson allowed just seven pre sures. Jenkins played well at the end of last season, and his experience at right tackle could allow the Dolphins to put Jackson back at left guard, a position where he improved throughout 2021. The only problem with this plan is that Jackson spent most of the offseason working at right tackle, and it appears like Jenkins isnt quite ready to take the field. Theres a spot on Miamis line for Jenkins, but a spot on the line is just half the equation. The other half is how Jenkins would fit into new head coach Mike McDaniels scheme. McDaniels scheme is an outside-zone-heavy scheme that emphasizes the athletic traits of its offensive linemen. Jenkins proved he was an impre sive athlete at the 2021 NFL combine. He ran a 5.01 40-yard dash (91st percentile), jumped 32 inches (91st percentile), jumped 106 inches (69th percentile) and his 20-yard split was 2.88 seconds (84th percentile). Scroll to ContinueJenkins is fast in the open field, and hes explosive in tight spaces, two things e sential for succe s in a heavy outside-zone scheme and for an offensive lineman in general. Testing numbers are one thing but film is another. Jenkins college film backs up his testing numbers. There are plenty of <a href="">Zion Williamson Jersey</a> reps of him sliding his feet well in pa s protection and run blocking in space effectively.His film also reveals another strength of his game: power. Jenkins is a physical, strong presence in all facets of the game, especially when run blocking. His ability to move defenders off their spots in college was borderline elite for a draft <a href="">Jahlil Okafor Jersey</a> prospect. Jenkins draft profile was pretty similar to that of Robert Hunts. Both were viewed as powerful run blockers and were even measured at the same size (6-5) during the NFL combine. Hunt came in 323 pounds compared to Jenkins 317, but thats not too far off. All to say, Hunt succeeded in the outside zone while in college with his profile, so its not a stretch to see Jenkins doing the same in Miami. Jenkins NFL film isnt quite as dominant but the sample size is small, and he has mi sed time with injury. Theres reason to believe hell get better with more chances, which he could get in Miami if they acquire him.Miami would be smart to kick the tires on a Jenkins trade. There is a spot for him on its starting offensive line and adding him could send Jackson back to left guard where he showed improved play down the stretch. Hes also a scheme fit thanks to his natural athletic ability and power in the running game. Even if Jenkins isnt ready to play, he could provide depth for a team that is leaning on unproven players like Robert Jones, Larnel Coleman and Kion Smith as their backup tackles. None of those players have Jenkins upside either. Miami shouldnt give up a premium a set for Jenkins but trading a day-three pick for a player with his potential <a href="">Derrick Favors Jersey</a> would be well warranted. The key is Jenkins health. If the Dolphins determines his back or another injury will be problematic long term, theyll have to look in another direction. However, there is no reason not to at least call the Bears about Jenkins.

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