McDaniels Different Feelings Running Cam

  • For over a decade, head coach Josh McDaniels was used <a href="">Deion Sanders Jersey</a> to running training camp as an offensive coordinator.This season, its different as hes in the head coach chair. While he doesnt nece sarily feel pre sure, he says hes focusing on different things now that hes head coach and not the offensive coordinator.Yeah, I think there's definitely some different feelings, I think the overall concept of training camp is something that you're used to if you've done it enough. <a href="">Tom Glavine Jersey</a> But I just think the anxiety you feel is a good thing because you want to do right in your position, your job.We've had some meetings and those kinds of things, and each day at this point in time is a little different, because the schedule, and the reporting dates, and the league rules, and <a href="">Nick Markakis Jersey</a> the time, and we're managing the times, and those kinds of things, McDaniels said. So, logistically, we want to get those things right. But I feel like I've gone through a few of these and just really trying to enjoy the proce s as being a head coach at this point and got a lot of great people here that are on top of all the things they need to be on <a href="">Scott Kazmir Jersey</a> top of.Scroll to ContinueUltimately, its all about succeeding in his role as the leader of the Silver and Black.As I've said before, just trying to do the right thing in my role and be a good leader for our team.Please make sure you tell us your thoughts when you like ourWant to talk about this? Want to air your opinion about all things Las Vegas <a href="">Phil Niekro Jersey</a> Raiders? Maybe you like to talk about other sports that aren't Silver and Black related? We got your back.

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