Tua Tagovailoa Kyler Murray or Dwayne Ha

  • As a first-time Heisman Trophy voter who had to decide among Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins, Oklahoma's Kyler Murray and Alabama's TuaTagovailoathis week, there is a piece of good news.There is no wrong answer, even if this is the most difficult vote po sible.Allthree quarterbacks have a legitimate <a href="https://www.gbpackersapparel.com/jerry-kramer-jerseys">Jerry Kramer Jersey</a> claim to college football's most prestigious trophy, and that has created the most intriguing race this decade.Heisman voters havebeen asked not to reveal their picks until Sunday, and that's fine. Let'ssee who wins this race.MORE: While the straw polls suggest the race will come down to Murray andTagovailoa and that could be the since Nebraska's Eric Crouch (770)edgedFlorida's Rex Gro sman (702) by 62 points in 2001 Haskins could force his way into that conversation Saturday.Haskins led Ohio Stateto a12-1 record with a 4,580 pa sing yards, 47 touchdowns and eight interceptions. It's arguably the greatest season by a quarterback in Big Ten history. In the Buckeyes'last two games against Michigan and Northwestern, Haskins totaled 895 pa sing yards, 11 touchdowns and one interception. He will do well in the Midwest region.Murray has better <a href="https://www.gbpackersapparel.com/green-bay-packers-jackets">Green Bay Packers Jackets</a> numbers than Baker Mayfield, who won the Heisman for Oklahoma last season. Murray leads the FBS with a 205.7 rating. He has 4,053 pa sing yards, 40 touchdowns andseven interceptions, along with 892 rushing yards and 11 rushing scores. He led the Sooners back to the College Football Playoff and dominated the Big 12 championship game against Texas. The remarkable two-sport athlete will do well in the Southwest region.Tagovailoawas the front runner for the most of season, and with good reason. The took Alabama's offense to <a href="https://www.gbpackersapparel.com/leroy-butler-jerseys">LeRoy Butler Jersey</a> the next level.Tagovailoapa sed for 3,353 yards with 37 touchdowns and four interceptions and added 190 rushing yards and fivefives. He is second to Murray with a 202.3 pa ser rating.Tagovailoadidn't throw an interception until November and threw just eight pa ses in the fourth quarter all season.He will be in good shape in the South region.There are arguments against all three. Haskins threw 73 pa ses in a 49-20 lo s toPurdueand failed to lead Ohio State to College Football Playoff. Murray's numbers are in part of a product of playing in the wide-open Big 12.Tagovailoastruggled in the SEC championship game and dealt with injuries for most of November.MORE: The cases for those candidates, however, are much more appealing than the cases against them. That' <a href="https://www.gbpackersapparel.com/dean-lowry-jerseys">Dean Lowry Jersey</a> s why the drama factor is high for the Heisman Trophy presentation on Saturday night. How will these candidates fare in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Far West regions? That might determine how close this race is.If it does indeed come down to two of these quarterbacks, will this be the closest Heisman Trophy race of all time? That happened in 2009, when Alabama's Mark Ingram (1,304) edged out Stanford's Toby Gerhart (1,276) by 28 points.And if itcomes down toTagovailoaand Murray, it would be reminiscent of 2000, when Florida State quarterback ChrisWeinke(1,628) edged out Oklahoma's Josh Heupel (1,552) by 76 points.Heupelgot revenge when his Sooners beat FSU 13-2 in the 2001 Orange Bowl to win the national championship.In that regard, it's fitting that Murray andTagovailoawill meet at the Orange Bowl in the College Football Playoff semifinal. We can guarantee they will score points. Meanwhile, Haskins will have a chance to get to 50 touchdown pa sesat the Rose Bowl in Urban Meyer's final game with the Buckeyes.MORE: That's as good asitgets for these three, and voters should be thankful they're choosing among players who played at the highest level this season. There truly is no wrong answer, and that makes it both easy and hard for a first-time voter.There' <a href="https://www.gbpackersapparel.com/brett-favre-hoodies-sweatshirts">Brett Favre Hoodies Sweatshirts</a> s more good news. I'm not worried about that.I just want to see who wins the race.

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