49ers Could Still use Deebo Samuel in Ru

  • SANTA CLARA -- Usage as a running back was reported as a gripe from Deebo Samuel with the 49ers. <a href="https://www.justshopjets.com/bryce-huff-jerseys">Bryce Huff Jersey</a> Samuel supposedly did not like nor want to sustain the role he ended up being converted into from the second-half of the regular season and so on. It was the main reason the whole contract extension was being held up.Well, it looks like that was just a bunch of noise being spewed. Kyle Shanahan at his Monday pre s conference e sentially debunked the notion that usage was an i sue with Samuel and that the 49ers would not use him in that running back role any longer."We don't plan exactly how we're gonna do something." said Shanahan. "You do it based off what other people are doing, based off what gives you the best chance <a href="https://www.justshopjets.com/elijah-moore-jerseys">Elijah Moore Jersey</a> to win. That's why I love being around Deebo, watch how he plays. My favorite thing about Deebo is how much he inspires people. He inspires me almost more than any other player I've <a href="https://www.justshopjets.com/ahmad-gardner-jerseys">Ahmad Gardner Jersey</a> watched on the field the way he runs with the ball whether you're handing it to him or throwing it to him, whether he's catching it on a kick. And these aren't things that you have to talk him into doing, it's stuff he usually talks you into doing. <a href="https://www.justshopjets.com/kenny-yeboah-jerseys">Kenny Yeboah Jersey</a> Deebo loves playing football and he loves helping us win."Scroll to ContinueThe 49ers could very well still use Samuel in the running back role.In fact, I feel confident now after hearing Shanahan in person that Samuel will replicate his role from last season. Now, I doubt it will be clear during training camp as the 49ers don't need to drill those plays heavily with him. Also, the 49ers don't have to use Samuel in that way until maybe Week 3 against the Broncos. They're the only real threatening team early in the season. The 49ers should be able to handle the Bears and the Seahawks fairly <a href="https://www.justshopjets.com/braxton-berrios-jerseys">Braxton Berrios Jersey</a> easily without Samuel being majestic.If the writing on the wall and hints from Shanahan are true, then the debut starting season for Trey Lance grows much more smoothly.

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