19 developers and producers behind FIFA 23

  • There's no doubt plenty more to be seen of FIFA 23 before its UK release in September (October in the US), so keep an eye on MMOexp for more on the game in the run-up to release.

    We're running up the field, heading into the offensive zone of Chelsea. There's not a defender within 15 yards of us. Ahead, an Arsenal striker is making a deep cut toward the Chelsea goalkeeper and, to his left, renowned striker Emmanuel Adebayor is positioning himself to try to make something happen. Suddenly, our teammate behind us sends the ball our way, which we deftly receive at full gallop. Two Blues defenders are closing in on our striker, but we manage to sneak in a perfectly timed through pass, which he fields, passes to Adebayor, who manages to get the goalkeeper out of position and... GOOOOAL!

    Now, technically, our crucial through pass doesn't count as an assist on the scorecard, but it surely felt good to us, especially as an introduction to the new 10-versus-10 online play that looks to be one of the brightest features in EA Sports' upcoming FIFA 23. During a recent trip up to EA Canada we got the first look at 10-versus-10 play, playing a match with 19 developers and producers behind FIFA 23, and we can safely report that the new mode puts an entirely new spin on the virtual sport.

    Whatever position you decide to play...

    For those familiar with another EA Canada-developed sports game, NHL 09, FIFA 23's 10-versus-10 play is remarkably similar. As with the hockey title, you'll be able to form a club with your friends (a club can have as many as 50 members). Club members can take on other clubs in team matches, with the individual and team performances all counting toward that club's rankings in the overall standings.

    As for the FIFA league, it still seems to be in its organizational infancy in that there aren't set fixtures between clubs--instead it's a matter of ad hoc matchmaking between clubs and letting the results happen as games are completed. Still, as a first step, it's an exciting beginning for a feature that is destined to grow in the years ahead. Other similarities between the online team play of FIFA and NHL are obvious. Take, for instance, the hockey game: When you a match with your friends, you'll be taken to a lobby where the team captains will be able to set team tactics.

    After that, you'll be taken to another screen where a mad scramble will result as players pick the position they wish to play on the pitch. As with NHL 09, with players rushing to take the forward position, you can expect to see most FIFA 23 players trying to get those coveted striker and midfield positions. However, it's important to note that regardless of the position you play (except for goalkeeper, which isn't playable in FIFA 23… look for that in next year's game), you always have a way to contribute to your team's success.

    ... you'll find a way to contribute in 10-versus-10 online play.
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