Madden NFL 23 might learn something from the Marines

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    Washington is bouncing around this season, even though it has rebounded from its 0-3 start . The Redskins scratched out a pair of close wins recently however, the victories were followed by blowout losses at Dallas in addition to Denver.

    Statistically, the two teams have a lot in common, and both offenses depend on running. Washington is ranked 12th in Madden NFL 23 in scoring, scoring an average of 25.4 points per game. Minnesota ranks 17th with 23.3 scoring per game. Defense has been a huge issue for both teams , and is the primary reason why neither is currently in the playoffs. Minnesota is ranked 30th in the league for scoring defense, with the Vikings allow 31.5 PPG. This is slightly ahead of Washington which is 31st , with 31.6 PPG.

    The Vikings will also benefit from the advantage of playing home. Minnesota has a record of 0-3 in home games, its only victory coming from the game at home in London. Minnesota will gain an even larger advantage on the field at home this week due to Washington has to travel during a short week.

    As opposed to SB Nation's experts, they are the only eight Madden NFL 23 experts from CBS Sports favor the Vikings. Five of the eight picked Minnesota to win. Madden NFL 23 Power Rankings: Tough week for top teams

    Ufford: Madden NFL 23 might learn something from the Marines.
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