What is the best type of sex doll?

  • Generally speaking, according to the material, the most common ones are silicone Sex Doll and TPE Sex Doll. If you have a sufficient budget, then silicone sex dolls may be more convenient, while TPE Sex Doll is soft enough and has a high oil output, but it is very Not clean. Considering practicality, people may prefer to buy silicone Sex Doll.

    According to people's preferences, Sex Doll is designed as a big-breasted Sex Doll, a big ass Sex Doll, a flat-chested Sex Doll, and a sexy Sex Doll can satisfy people's desires more, while a flat-chested Sex Doll is closer to real human beings, Sex Dolls under 30kg more convenient for people to use. In addition to this, there are Shemale Sex Doll, Anime Sex Doll, which are designed for people with special preferences.

    In conclusion, we can't seem to determine which type of Sex Doll is better because everyone's preferences are different, so if you want to buy one of the best Sex Dolls, So choosing a qualified Sex Doll store is the most important, LovedollShops first guarantees its quality and safety, careful workmanship, and has mature production technology to facilitate the production of custom Sex Doll.

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